Why Contractors Should Use Testimonials in Their Marketing

A testimonial describes the benefits and advantages that others can expect to receive from utilizing your company.  A testimonial is a statement made by someone else – usually your customer – that describes their experience and satisfaction with you, your company, or your product/service.  They have benefited from utilizing your company and are willing to “go on record” about how they view you and/or your company.

Profitable Contractors use testimonials to overcome the typical objections of prospects, while having their current customers promote their company for them.

Why Testimonials Are So Effective -

Testimonials are referrals in print and are very effective at selling your company.  They sell your company for you.

Testimonials are much more credible because they come from an unbiased third party who has had experience with your company.  The customer that authored the testimonial has already tested your company and came out better for it.

The reader of a testimonial feels like you’ve already been tested – and passed the test.  They feel more comfortable giving you a chance to earn their work.

Testimonials Say What You Might Not Say -

You may be reluctant to say that you are the best in your area (by the way, don’t ever be shy about saying it if it’s true).  However, you might feel more comfortable sharing a testimonial from a customer that says you are the best in your area.

If you make a bold statement about the high quality of your work, it can easily come off as boastful and tacky.  However, if your customer says it, it is much more acceptable and believable.  This is a very important fact to remember.

Testimonials also provide social proof that others find your company beneficial.  They are the original social recommendation.  They were around long before Facebook, Yelp or Angie’s List made it easy to get recommendations from friends and strangers about what company you should use.

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Quick Recap about Testimonials:
  • They overcome the typical objections of prospects
  • They have your current customers do the selling for you
  • They are referrals in print
  • They are very effective at selling your company
  • They are more credible because they come from an unbiased third party
  • They can make larger claims about your company without sounding boastful
  • They provide social proof that others find your company desirable

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  1. Using your camera phone to add photos to a testimonial is great way to compliment a finished job. Great article.

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