What Smart Contractors Do To Get The Best Customers

Doug Herbert attends a sales & marketing seminar in Atlanta

The Sales & Marketing seminar in Atlanta stressed the importance of focusing on your ideal prospect.
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I recently attended a marketing boot camp in downtown Atlanta.

Since I usually have to travel for these sales and marketing seminars and conferences, it was nice to sleep in my own bed for a change.

I am a big proponent of continual learning and improvement.  In order to stay on the cutting edge of what’s working in the real world today, I attend several of these types of events every year.  I apply what I learn to my family concrete construction business.  I also share the best techniques here and through my products, consulting and speaking appearances.

At the recent seminar in Atlanta, I was reminded of the need to focus your marketing message on your ideal prospect.  I'll show you how to do that.

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Identify Your Ideal Prospect

In order to find your best customers, you first must answer these questions about your current customers:

  1. Which customers are the most profitable for my company?
  2. What customers are the easiest to work for?
  3. Who pays our invoices the quickest?

Once you’ve identified which of your customers share all three of these traits, it’s time to determine what similarities they all possess.  Ask yourself, do they share the same…

  • Project size?
  • Geographic location of projects?
  • Type of project?
  • Company structure?

The answers to these questions give you the common traits of this group.  These traits make up your Ideal Prospect Profile.

Find Similar Prospects

Find prospects in your market that you believe match your Ideal Client Profile.  Once you have identified them, focus your sales and marketing efforts on attracting them to your business.  You will no longer use the shotgun approach to your marketing, where you try to get anyone and everyone.  You will now use a rifle with a scope to zero in on the select few prospects that match your Ideal Client Profile.

Don’t try to be everything to everyone.  If you spread your efforts too thin, you’ll end up with new customers that don’t pay on time, that are difficult to work with, and that are low profit margin problems.

Instead, you’ll identify a small group of prospects that match your Ideal Client Profile and focus your energies on adding them as new customers.  Just one of these ideal prospects will be more profitable to your company than four difficult customers.

Be More Profitable

Go where the money is.  Identify your Ideal Client Profile based on your existing customers.  Find prospects that match your Ideal Client Profile.  Focus your sales and marketing efforts on them.  Show them that you are their best option.  Add them to your new customer roster and you’ll become more profitable.

Click here to get my FREE "Quick Guide to Determine Your Ideal Client Profile."


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