How to Give Your Customers What They Want

If you were to start a hot dog stand, what is the one thing you would want more than anything else? Would you want great tasting hot dogs, eye-catching signage to get people’s attention, competitive hot dog pricing, low food costs? While all of those should be considered, the most important thing you would want […]

4 Sales Lessons From A Rock 'n' Roll Band

Last night I attended a concert of one of my favorite bands, The National.  Aside from the great show that they put on, I couldn’t help notice how their showmanship was also salesmanship.  They are currently on a seven month tour to support their new album.  In spite of their heavy schedule – playing 13 […]

How Much Should A Contractor Spend To Get A New Customer?

George was a poured wall contractor for 35 years.  He owned a successful business without doing very much advertising.  He always had a quarter page spot in the yellow pages and would occasionally run an ad in the local newspaper. When George retired in 2007, his son, Jason, took over the concrete business.  Soon, Jason’s […]