I am often asked what services and products I use daily and recommend to my concrete contractor clients. Each of the resources below can improve your business or simplify your workday. Click on any of the resource names to learn more.

Document Sharing and File Storage

Dropbox  Sync files between all your devices – smart phone, desktop, tablet. This service allows you to save items on your computer as well as in the cloud. You can also share files and blueprints with co-workers, customers and contractors. I really like their optional feature to download photos from your smartphone, which is a way to automatically back up those pictures.

Google Drive  This used to be called Google Docs. This service stores your files in the cloud, so they are always backed up for your protection. It is a free way to share documents with co-workers, customers and associates.

Video Hosting Services

Whether you want videos on your website, on your own company YouTube channel, or if you want to create training videos for your employees, you need a way to store and play those videos. This is called a video hosting service. You upload your videos to a video hosting service and then you can put them on your website, on a secure channel only accessible to your employees, or other areas. Here are two video hosting services that I use.

Vimeo  I really like Vimeo as a video hosting service. They make it very easy to upload a video and place that video on your website. Their playback features are clean and stylish. The annual Plus version is great for construction companies that utilize the power of videos for marketing, customer video testimonials or employee training.

YouTube  The 800lb Gorilla of video hosting. Once you set up your company YouTube account, you can embed videos on your website as well as your YouTube channel. YouTube videos on your site help with Google SEO.

Email Systems

As you learn the Profitable Contractor method of marketing, you'll realize that you need a way to send email to all of your customers and prospects at the same time. An email system allows you to do that. Your Outlook or Gmail email accounts are not good options because you run the risk of your email address being labeled as spam. The following email systems work very well for sending email to your database list.

MailChimp  This is a good system that is easy to use and maintain. We use this service at our concrete construction company and it has served us well.

1ShoppingCart  This is the service that I use for Profitable Contractor. It has a lot more features than MailChimp, such as an integrated shopping cart, which allows my clients to purchase my kits and programs. Many contractors don't need the extra features that 1ShoppingCart offers.

Infusionsoft  This software will help you track your leads, follow up on estimates, manage your contact database, increase repeat business and encourage referrals. It is so powerful that it can replace one or more of your office staff. I only recommend this to construction companies with more than 70 employees – or to those that want explosive growth by using advanced marketing tactics.

Website & Online Services

Much of your marketing directs people to your website. It is also the primary place prospects go to research your company. It’s important to have a website that sells your company effectively. One that sells your company 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These resources can help you with that.

GoDaddy  This is where you go to buy and register your domain name (example: I use GoDaddy to research available website names, and to purchase the domain names that work best for me. GoDaddy is easy to use and over 12 million people trust them for their domains.

HostGator  Once you have a domain name, you need a hosting service to "host" your website so it can be visible online. HostGator is the best hosting service for contractors that I’ve found.  They make it very easy to host a site such as WordPress.

StudioPress  In order to have a website, you need a framework to build it upon. WordPress is the absolute best framework for a website – and it’s free. StudioPress is an advanced template for WordPress. It gives you attractive options that make your construction company website look great. This website was built using a StudioPress template.

LeadPages  I use LeadPages to create landing pages, webinar signups, and to gather email addresses from prospects. It is also a great tool that allows me to offer and deliver useful information in the blog posts I write.

WP Curve  This super-helpful service has been one of my favorite new finds. For a monthly fee they will perform an unlimited number of tasks related to your WordPress site. I've had them fix problem areas in the coding of my site, perform updates, make my site faster, and many other things I don't know how to do.

With WordPress, StudioPress and WP Curve, your office manager or marketing assistant can handle 95% of your website updates and management – without the need of an outside “website company.”

Contact Database and Customer List Management

One of your most valuable assets is your list of customers. You need to have a formal database that stores the contact information of your prospects and customers.  An excel database or Quickbooks customer list is not a good option. When you have a contact database, you can increase referrals, build customer loyalty, and convert prospects into customers. These two contact relationship management (CRM) tools work well.

Capsule CRM  This is a fantastic cloud-based CRM service. I've used it for years in my concrete construction company.  It is super simple to use, and inexpensive.

Infusionsoft  I mentioned Infusionsoft in the "Email Systems" category above.  Infusionsoft is, in fact, the Swiss Army Knife of business marketing solutions. It will handle your CRM, email, bid tracking, sales management, and many other tasks.  However, like a good knife, it is clumsy in the hands of a someone just learning. It requires a talented consultant to show you how to utilize it in your construction company. If you have a large company with a savvy marketing person on board, I can show them how to use Infusionsoft for massive results. It's like jet fuel for your business.

Outsourcing: Getting Things Done Through Others

Outsourcing means hiring a remote, independent contractor to perform specific tasks. Outsourcing saves contractors time and money, often while producing a better result than if you had someone in your office perform the task. You assign tasks to these remote people, and after they perform the job, they’ll email you the completed task. You pay the outsourcing service with a credit card. These two companies are the best outsourcing services that I use.

Fiverr  For just $5.00 per task, thousands of people will perform various jobs for your contracting business. I’ve used this service for tons of things, including the creation of the opening sequence (intro) of my videos. Just go to this site and look around. Your head will explode with possibilities.

oDesk  Another excellent outsourcing service. You can chose to pay people by the project or by the hour – from $1.50/hr. to over $250/hr. Among other tasks, I’ve used this service to pay a skilled worker less than $3.00/hr. to enter contacts into our CRM database.


Quickbooks  This accounting system is simple to use and works well for contractors. It is also very popular software, which means you can easily fill accounting positions within your company with people that have experience with Quickbooks.

Sales & Marketing Leaders

Jeffrey Gitomer  I honed my sales skills with the help of Jeffrey’s books, seminars and teachings. Over the years, his Sales Caffeine emails have been the main learning tool of my weekly sales meetings with my Sales Account Managers. You and your team can do the same.