The Maverick Hiring System for Concrete Contractors is a four-week, live webinar training program.

We meet once a week for in-depth training on how to attract, interview, hire, train and retain good employees for your construction company.

There will be live Q&A at the end of each training session, so you can get all of your questions answered.

You will be given access to a special "Members Only" area were you can access recordings of every training session, and be able to download all templates, documents and examples.


Here's What You'll Get:


Module #1: Creating the Ads

  • Advanced tactics for creating your killer "Help Wanted" ad
  • Fill-in-the-blanks "Help Wanted" ad template to quickly, easily create your ad
  • How to create a 'Careers' page on your website
  • Sample ad template for tear sheet ads
  • Much more...

Module #2: Placing the Ads & Finding People

  • Several low-cost ways to attract people to your company
  • The 2 biggest employee referral program mistakes - and how to avoid them
  • How to use the online hiring service, Indeed (for free)
  • Finding great employees from local nonprofits
  • Lots more...

Module #3: Selecting the Right Candidates

  • Screening losers before they apply
  • Sorting through the flood of applicants
  • "Perry Mason" style interviewing
  • Background checks that tell the true story
  • Other awesome stuff...

Module #4: On-boarding and Retention

  • 0 to 90 Day action plan template
  • Quick, productive orientation
  • Laborer training options
  • Simple, yet effective employee recognition and rewards
  • Much, much more...
Your investment in my new, advanced Maverick Hiring System for Concrete Contractors is $2,700.00.
If you are ready to improve your hiring so you can complete more work, get new customers, and increase your profits, then Contact Us to learn when our next group training will begin.


Maverick Hiring System for Concrete Contractors - 100 percent guarantee

You'll get my "No Hassle, No Problem" 100% money back guarantee. If you go through the training and it hasn't helped your business, just ask for your money back and I'll promptly return your investment, PLUS $50.00 of my own money!