How to Give Your Customers What They Want

How to Give Your Customers What They Want - Profitable Contractor

If you were to start a hot dog stand, what is the one thing you would want more than anything else? Would you want great tasting hot dogs, eye-catching signage to get people’s attention, competitive hot dog pricing, low food costs?

While all of those should be considered, the most important thing you would want is a hungry crowd.

When you have a hungry group of people – like a hurried lunch crowd on a downtown city street without many dining options – then most of the other things I mentioned don’t really matter.

If your potential customers are hungry, they are going to buy from you. You don’t have to offer gourmet hot dogs to entice them to buy. As long as your food is pretty good, they’ll buy to satisfy their hunger.

If you don’t have a hungry crowd, then it doesn’t matter how delicious your hot dogs are, or how great your signage is, or if you are $0.80 less than the hot dog stand four blocks away. If the people in your area are not hungry, they won’t buy.

So, how does this apply to concrete contractors? You have to be sure that you have a “hungry crowd” for the services that you provide. Are you offering your prospects and customers what they want? Do they want what you have and are they willing to pay for it?

This concept of a “hungry crowd” can be applied when you are considering what services to add to your construction company. Look for services you can add that people want or need.

Can you add a waterproofing service that your customers will gladly pay for? Is it hard to find reliable excavation contractors in your market that you could capitalize on? Has a recent change from your local building officials created a need for a service that you can provide?

One contractor friend of mine added lightweight concrete floor installation to their list of services. This allowed them to diversify into apartments and high-rise condo projects, all while using their same laborers and equipment. This also introduced them to new customers that they could offer their existing footing and walls services.

Look for problems that your customers want solved. What or who do they complain about? If they often complain about the cost of something, then you may want to look into it. If they constantly have to wait a long time to get a contractor onto the jobsite because that contractor is always busy, then there may be a new service that you can get into.

The concept of a “hungry crowd” also applies to services that you currently provide. Is there a service or line of work that you offer that doesn’t sell well? You have to take a hard look at what you offer. If there isn’t a big demand for it, then you should consider folding it up and not offering it anymore.

For example, if you’ve been trying to do concrete countertops in your market for the last two years and it just hasn’t taken off, then it could be because nobody in your area is hungry for concrete countertops. If you’ve effectively marketed it and given it time to flourish, but you still find it tough to sell, then it’s time to pull the plug on it.

Take that energy and money into selling more of what you are already doing, or add a different service that your customers really want.

That way, you’ll sell more of what your customers want, and you’ll be a much more profitable contractor.

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