How Contractors Can Get Customer Testimonials

I was asked by Rebecca Wasieleski, the fantastic editor of Concrete Contractor Magazine, to share a marketing tip for a live interview with  It took place during the World of Concrete convention in Las Vegas.

Click the play button on the screen below for a brief, simple explanation of how contractors can get testimonials from their customers - and get more sales.

In the video I talk about the importance of customer testimonials, and how contractors should utilize them in all of their sales and marketing.

From the video, you’ll learn:

  • Why testimonials are so effective
  • What to use to record testimonials
  • What 4 things to ask during the recording
  • What type of testimonial is the best

For more ways to get and use customer testimonials to increase your sales and be more profitable, check out our Testimonial Creation Kit.

Leave a comment below to share how you use testimonials in your marketing.


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