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This is the place where smart concrete contractors come to learn how to get more sales and increase their profits.

We know what you are going through.  You put too much on the line every day for too little profit and security.

It’s time to start taking steps to ensure that your company thrives and provides you with the means to build up your personal wealth, pay your key employees well, and gain market share from your competitors.

We can helpWe show good concrete contractors how to:

  • Implement simple marketing systems
  • Make more profit on every job
  • Keep good customers loyal so they don’t leave
  • Increase sales and get more customers
  • Decrease advertising expense while increasing overall marketing effectiveness

We provide valuable tips, information, and products that will give you the edge you need.


  1. Doug, i believe your focus to help concrete contractors is big step to aid them in breaking through the clutter and fears of marketing because you have walked in thier shoes and have taken the steps to learn the techiques that have proven sucessful over the years. And i might add not only concrete contractors but all contractors who are tired of doing the same thing and getting poor results. Best to you!

    • Thanks for the great feedback, Kim. I appreciate it, especially coming from a sales & marketing veteran like yourself that knows what it's like out there in the real world. Take care.

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