5 Low-cost Ways to Find Construction Workers

For most construction companies, their big challenge is finding and hiring good construction workers for their business. When you don’t have enough laborers, you lose opportunities to get new customers, you put stress on your existing employees, and your current customers begin to complain about their construction schedule.

Contractors need to find construction workers without spending an arm and a leg to get them.

Here are five low-cost ways to get the word out and let people know that you are hiring construction labor:

Magnetic Signs on Company Vehicles

Have magnetic signs made for your crew trucks and other vehicles that are on the road often. What you say on the magnet should be short and specific, such as, “Concrete Laborers Needed” or, “Wall Form Setters Wanted” along with your phone number.

These signs will be seen by other construction workers while the vehicle is on the road, at the gas station, and on the jobsite.

If you perform subcontract work for other companies, such as concrete pumping, placing stone with belts or slingers, or hauling material with dump trucks, then placing this type of sign on those vehicles could put your message right in front of your best candidates.

Sign in Front of Your Office

Place a “Construction Help Wanted” sign in front of your building. Your office may be in an industrial area where other contractors have businesses nearby. If so, then their employees – and your potential hires – drive by your office daily.

The sign will also be a reminder to your employees that you are looking for more laborers. They will be more likely to tell their friends about the open positions.

If customers come to your office to drop off plans, they will see the sign and may remember you are hiring when they talk with employees of other trades.

Any suppliers that make deliveries to your office will see the sign. If your sign says that you are looking for a class B CDL driver, then every delivery driver that comes to your office – or simply drives by your office – will see that you are hiring.

You can also place help wanted signs with directional arrows at busy road intersections near your office that point applicants to your place of business.

Social Media

Use your social media outlets to let people know that you are hiring. Put the info on your personal and company pages. Look for local groups on Facebook that allow you to post the help wanted ad for free.

The more people that are exposed to your message, the better the chance that someone will learn about you and apply.

Company Website Listing

You may not get a lot of people coming to your website to see if you are hiring. However, you shouldn’t waste this opportunity to post the ad on your site.

The reason for this is that if someone is considering applying for a position within your company, they will probably look you up online to learn more about your company.

You want to reinforce that you are hiring, and take the time to describe the position. You’ll promote your company’s benefits, the opportunities for advancement within the company, and why your company is a great place to work. You should also explain how the person will personally grow if they get the job.

Signs on Jobsites

Every contractor should be placing jobsite signs on their projects. These signs tell others what work you did on the project and how to contact you.

You can also create help wanted signs that you place in front of your projects. These signs get your message out to a large group of people that are already employed, but may not be happy where they are.

These signs should be the same color and style as your jobsite signs. They should clearly say that you are hiring and how to contact your company to learn more and apply.

Signs like these are seen by construction workers passing by your jobsite, as well as those working on that jobsite. Unlike the magnet signs on company vehicles, a potential hire can see this type of sign many times over a long period of time, which increases the chances of them applying for the position.


Put these low-cost ways to find construction workers in place in your company. You can do all of these techniques for a small amount of money. The more sources you have for bringing in new laborers to your company, the more likely you’ll attract the best workers.


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