4 Sales Lessons From A Rock 'n' Roll Band

The National exhibits 4 sales lessons while performing for a sold out crowd.

The National exhibits 4 sales lessons while
performing for a sold out crowd.

Last night I attended a concert of one of my favorite bands, The National.  Aside from the great show that they put on, I couldn’t help notice how their showmanship was also salesmanship.  They are currently on a seven month tour to support their new album.  In spite of their heavy schedule – playing 13 shows in 16 days in the month of September alone – they were professional and they came prepared to perform.

There were simple, yet powerful sales lessons from their performance that can be transferred to contractors.  Here they are:

Lesson #1: Build anticipation

The band advertised the upcoming show to their fans.  Then, once the event was sold out, they let everyone know that, which made us feel like part of an exclusive group.  An opening band warmed up the crowd and got them ready and excited for the main event.

For Contractors: Get prospects excited to work with you, and remind existing customers why you are their best option.  One way to do this is to send newsletters that show that others have referred your company.  Your newsletters should also include persuasive testimonials, relay success stories of difficult projects, and highlight awards you’ve won or certifications achieved. 

Lesson #2: Be professional

They are pros at what they do.  They started on time and sounded just like you’d expect them to sound.

For Contractors: Most contractors can increase their referrals and repeat business simply by doing what they said they would do.  Real pros are honest and truthful.  They communicate clearly and often, and don’t surprise their customers with unexpected issues. That’s good salesmanship, good marketing, and just plain good business.

Lesson #3: Give them what they want

The band played the songs from their new album, allowing people to hear those songs live for the first time.  They also played their hits from previous albums.  These are the songs that made them popular with their core audience.

For Contractors: Giving your customers what they want means showing up on time, doing the job right the first time, keeping the jobsite clean, and completing the job as agreed upon.

Lesson #4: Give them something extra

After playing for nearly two hours, they came back out for a four song encore that was unlike anything anyone expected – and blew the audience away.

For Contractors: Giving your customer something extra means finishing the project earlier than they anticipated, surprising them with an unexpected gift after you receive their payment, or simply sending them a handwritten “Thank you” card once the project is completed.  It isn’t difficult to stand out in the construction industry.  Just do something extra that they haven’t seen before.

These four lessons are universal business principles.  Rock bands and contractors alike can increase their sales and profits by applying these proven lessons.

How can you begin to apply these lessons to your construction business?  What is something you already do – or can start doing – that will excite your audience?  Leave your comments below; I’d like to hear from you.

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