3 Survival Tips for Contractors

Doug Herbert's Contractor Survival Article

Doug Herbert's 'Four Tips To Survive The Next Four Years' article in the March '13 issue of Concrete Homes + Low Rise Construction Magazine

Are you concerned about the survival of your construction company in this New Economy?

There is a lot of uncertainty in the U.S. economy.  It is important to prepare yourself and your company for whatever may come up.

In this article I wrote for Concrete Homes + Low Rise Construction, I lay out 3 tips to survive and thrive in this New Economy – regardless of how much the government tries to muck it up.

The 3 tips for Survival are:

1. Focus on Profitability – If increasing prices is not feasible, then identify where you can reduce expenses in these areas:

  • Labor & Subcontractors
  • Materials & Supplies
  • Office & Overhead

2. Prepare for Governmental Changes – Develop a game plan for dealing with Obamacare and other regulations such as E-Verify.

3. Improve Sales & Marketing Strategies – Identify what’s working and what isn’t working, increase sales efforts, and follow up on your estimates.

To read the full article, click here (page 26).

What steps have you taken to adjust to the New Economy?  I’d like to hear your thoughts below.

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